Informal Logic

Volume 40, numéro 3, 2020

Sommaire (9 articles)


  1. What is Wrong with Deductivism?
  2. Other-Regarding Virtues and Their Place in Virtue Argumentation Theory
  3. Resolution of Deep Disagreement: Not Simply Consensus
  4. Rooting Gilbert's Multi-Modal Argumentation in Jung, and its Extension to Law
  5. Justifying Particular Reasoning in a Legal Context: On Neil MacCormick's ‘Universalisable Particular Thesis’
  6. Source Related Argumentation Found in Science Websites: A quantitative study

Teaching Supplement

  1. An Unlikely Source of (Absurd and Effective) Case Studies for Introductory Informal Logic

Critical Reviews

  1. CAT Scan: A Critical Review of the Critical-Thinking Assessment Test

Book Reviews

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