Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education

Volume 18, Number 2, 2023 Indigenous Historiographies, Place, and Memory in Decolonizing Educational Research, Policy, and Pedagogic Praxis: Special Issue in Honour and Memory of Professor Michael Marker (1951-2021)

Table of contents (10 articles)

Editorial Introduction


  1. Honouring Songs for Professor Michael Marker
  2. Relations in the Alluvial Zone: Place and Indigenous Knowledges in Michael Marker’s Scholarship
  3. What We See as One River is a Convergence of Many: Three Convergence Commitments in University Teaching
  4. Alluvial Zones of Decolonizing Internationalization of Higher Education
  5. “The Scream”: Using the Visual Critical Pedagogy of Subversive Indigenous Art in the Elementary Classroom to Discomfort the Comforted and Activate the Empathic, Ethical, and Relational Dimensions of Reconciliation
  6. Embodying Milpa: Centering Place to Cultivate Polycultures of Reciprocity in Learning Environments
  7. Michael Marker Dialogues with Francis on Primacy of Place: Advocating for Papaschase First Nation
  8. How Sweet the Ground: The Metaphysical Vision of Michael Marker
  9. Remembering Michael: Family Stories


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