Imagining SoTL
Selections from the Banff Symposium

Volume 3, Number 2, 2023 A Decade On

Table of contents (7 articles)



  1. The Importance of "Love" in Authentic Decolonization Work and SoTL Practice
  2. Expanding a Professional Learning Community to Focus on Inclusion, Belonging, and Student Success
  3. (De)Colonized Science: Hopes, Complexities, Tensions, and Frustrations in Seeking to Indigenize Undergraduate Science Education
  4. Designing Effective Experiential Curriculum: The Experiential Learning Map
  5. Students as Partners versus Students as Employees: Division of Labour between Students, Faculty, and Staff in the McMaster Student Partners Program
  6. Views and Value of an Undergraduate General Education on Advancing Student Attitudes and Engagement