Revue Interventions économiques Papers in Political Economy

Managing editor(s): Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Christian Deblock


Papers in Political Economy is a refereed journal focused on theoretical debates as well as in research results in political economy, socioeconomics, and the socioeconomic transformations of contemporary societies.

The journal publishes articles from a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences, but focuses on themes related to political economy, economic sociology, labour and employment, development (local, regional, international), globalization and international political economy, as well as the analysis of important articles or texts in these different fields.

The journal publishes articles in French and English. The scientific quality of articles is assessed by two anonymous reviewers (or three in cases of discrepancy), but also aims to ensure adequate communication and knowledge transfer through clear and understandable articles, making these contributions accessible to socioeconomic and political actors.

Each issue is devoted to a particular theme, under the coordination of one or more recognised researchers in the field. Each thematic dossier includes a general and introductory article, and approximately six (6) feature articles. The journal also publishes off-topic articles, essays, interviews with experts, and book reviews.


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