The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists

Number 95, Spring 2023

Cover Photographs A clerk operating a Recordak Triplex Microfilmer (left) and a comparison of the Standard and Duo microfilming settings on the Recordak Triplex Microfilmer (right).

Source: Details from 50 Billion Records Can’t Be Wrong: Recordak – Originator of Modern Microfilming, 3rd ed. (Rochester, NY: Eastman Kodak Company, ca. 1949), included in Archives of Manitoba, NR 0240, Director of Lands Office Files, GR1603, G 4632, file 240, Microfilming.

Table of contents (9 articles)


  1. Troubling Records: Managing and Conserving Mediated Artifacts of Violent Crime
  2. The Genre of Love-Me Binders: US Military Veterans Documenting Their Service
  3. What’s In Between? The Unarchived and Unarchivable Space of Found-Footage Cinema

Studies in Documents

  1. Transferred, Preserved, and Destroyed: The Dominion Lands Branch’s Manitoba Files

Gordon Dodds Prize

  1. “I’d Rather Have Something than Nothing”: Presence and Absence in the Records of Transracial, Transnational Adoptees

Book Reviews

Exhibition Review

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