Narrative Works
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Volume 10, 2020 Special Issue: Amor Narratio: A Festschrift For Catherine Kohler Riessman

Table of contents (12 articles)


  1. Editor’s Introduction: Amor Narratio


  1. Different Listener and Teller Positions, Different Narratives
  2. A Small Story Concerning a Big Mistake: Returning Voice to a Breast Cancer Narrative
  3. Seduction, Sharing Stories, and Borderlinking in Co-Constructed Narratives
  4. Individuality and Continuity in Narrating across Generations
  5. Ethnopoetics and Narrative Analysis
  6. On Reflexivity: Tribute to Catherine Kohler Riessman
  7. Children’s Psychosocial Narratives in “Found Childhoods"
  8. A Chronicle of Mentoring Narrative Scholarship
  9. Narrative Relations and Associations: Catherine Kohler Riessman’s Research Dialogism
  10. Looking Back, Looking Forward


  1. Afterword

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