Narrative Works
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Volume 9, Number 2, 2019

Table of contents (10 articles)


  1. Narrative and Argumentation in a Case of Alleged Child Abuse
  2. Constructing Victimhood: Storied Opposition to Legislation Protecting LGBTQ Students
  3. Could the Tree of Life Model Be a Useful Approach for UK Mental Health Contexts? A Review of the Literature
  4. Identity and Masculinity in Two Cases of Early-Onset Disability Autobiography
  5. Self-Narrative Elicitation in Counseling: An Exploration of the Usefulness of Selected Interview Methods
  6. “It’s impossible that there’s no connection”: Autobiographical Reasoning in the Language-Learning Histories of EFL Student Teachers
  7. Play and Possibility: Olivia Rosenthal’s We’re Not Here to Disappear and the Limits of Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Outside the Box (Invited Lectures)

  1. The End of the Story? Narrative Openness in Life and Death

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