The International Journal of Whole Person Care

Volume 11, Number 1S, Supplement, 2024 Congress 2023

Teaching Whole Person Care: Elephants in the Room

This supplement issue is devoted entirely to the 5th International Congress on Whole Person Care (19-22 October, 2023) and includes all accepted abstracts for oral presentations and posters that were presented at this conference.

Table of contents (34 articles)

Congress 2023

  1. Using the serious illness conversation guide to improve the quality of life of hematology-oncology patients: A pilot study
  2. Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for cancer patients
  3. Considering life through death - introduction to lessons of life
  4. A new communication model for procedure-oriented health care professionals
  5. Simulating a situation of homelessness: Nursing students' perceptions of learning through virtual embodiment
  6. Facing our own dying: Exploring conflicts between our individual professional stance and our own personal views on MAiD
  7. The art and skills of compassion in practice
  8. The empathy imperative in whole person care - for patients and physicians
  9. Invitations to think and feel in forensic nursing; The role of clinical supervision and reflective practice
  10. “He told me my pain was in my head”: Testimonial injustice in patient-physician relationships
  11. Into the looking glass on cultural and religious competent care: Optimizing healthcare for Haredi individuals with mental illness
  12. Mindfulness and therapeutic relationships: Insights from a phenomenological study of occupational therapists' practices
  13. Anatomy of the elephant in Quebec family practice
  14. “I get to know them as a whole person”: Family physician stories of proximity to patients experiencing social inequity
  15. Narrative medicine and narrative practice: Partners in the creation of meaning
  16. ICU Bridge Program: Working with staff towards no family members feeling like "the elephant in the room"
  17. Ethical challenges for children undergoing surgery: Evaluation of graduate nursing students' learning
  18. Whole Person Care in philanthropy - healing & giving
  19. Reframing perceptions: A phenomenological inquiry into students’ written reflections on learning about mindfulness
  20. Reflections on teaching mindfulness to teenagers: From research to clinic
  21. Survey on the current status of undergraduate education on self-care in university medical schools and medical colleges in Japan
  22. Medical students as whole persons – tending to the elephants in clinical practice training
  23. Resilience in adolescent chronic pain: An exploration of coping mechanisms and personal growth
  24. Culturally-adapted resilience-building curriculum for medical students: A comprehensive approach at Showa University School of Medicine, Japan
  25. Challenges and opportunities of relationship centred care in health care settings. My journey and the evolution of my approach
  26. Why the hermeneutic wager
  27. Surrounded by text: The meaning of health represented through the texts of life. An interpretative process
  28. Enriching clinical encounters through qualitative research
  29. The early encounter: Shallow looking and the manifest presence in medical education
  30. Exploring effective learning sessions to enhance self-awareness and promote interest in self-care among medical professionals
  31. Sunset haematology: Improving the end-of-life journey for patients and caregivers, in patients with haematologic malignancies
  32. Minds unravelling
  33. Clinical vs social approaches to pediatric patient care: The benefits and resistance of therapeutic recreation
  34. ‘The view from here’ - Anxiety and defences against anxiety in the provision of maternity care to one mother and baby


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