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Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2021 Indigenous and Trans-Systemic Knowledge Systems

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From the Guest Editors

  1. Indigenous and Trans-Systemic Knowledge Systems (ᐃᐣdᐃgᐁᓅᐢ ᐠᓄᐤᐪᐁdgᐁ ᐊᐣd ᐟᕒᐊᐣᐢᐢᐩᐢᑌᒥᐨ ᐠᓄᐤᐪᐁdgᐁ ᐢᐩᐢᑌᒼᐢ)


  1. wahkotowin: Reconnecting to the Spirit of nêhiyawêwin (Cree Language)
  2. Uncovering the Experiences of Engaging Indigenous Knowledges in Colonial Structures of Schooling and Research
  3. Beyond the “Indigenizing the Academy” Trend: Learning from Indigenous Higher Education Land-Based and Intercultural Pedagogies to Build Trans-Systemic Education
  4. Four Generations For Generations: A Pow Wow Story to Transform Academic Evaluation Criteria
  5. “To See Together Without Claiming to Be Another”: Stories as Relations, Against One-Direction Mode of Indigenous Stories Travelling
  6. Reciprocal Mentorship as Trans-Systemic Knowledge: A Story of an Indigenous Student and a Non-Indigenous Academic Supervisor Navigating Graduate Research in a Canadian University
  7. Native Americans and Science: Enhancing Participation of Native Americans in the Science and Technology Workforce through Culturally Responsive Science Education
  8. Ethical Indigenous Economies
  9. Walking Many Paths, Our Research Journey to (Re)present Multiple Knowings: Creating our own spaces
  10. Radical Acts of Re-imaging Ethical Relationality and Trans-systemic Transformation


Reports from the Field

  1. Generative Learning and the Making of Ethical Space: Indigenizing Forest School Teacher Training in Wabanakik
  2. Mi’kmaq / Non-Mi’kmaq Conversational Turn-Taking

Book Reviews

From the Editor


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