Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Revue canadienne de linguistique appliquée

Volume 23, Number 2, Fall 2020 Special Issue: The Canadian National Frameworks for English and French Language Proficiency: Application, Implication, and Impact Numéro spécial : Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens pour la compétence langagière en français et en anglais : impact, application et implication

Table of contents (13 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Editorial

Introduction to Special Issue / Introduction au numéro spécial

  1. Introduction to Special Issue
  2. Introduction au numéro spécial


  1. Investigating the Alignment Between the CELPIP-General Reading Test and the Canadian Language Benchmarks: A Content Validation Study
  2. Adossement des épreuves d’expression orale et écrite du Test de connaissance du français (TCF) sur les Niveaux de compétences linguistiques canadiens (NCLC) et correspondance avec les niveaux du Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues (CECRL)
  3. Examining Rater Performance on the CELBAN Speaking: A Many-Facets Rasch Measurement Analysis
  4. Internationally Educated Nurses and the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses: A Qualitative Test Validation Study of Test-Taker Accounts
  5. Evaluating the Oral Language Skills of English-Stream and French Immersion Students: Are the CLB/NCLC Applicable?
  6. A Made-in-Canada Second Language Framework for K-12 Education: Another Case Where No Prophet is Accepted in their Own Land
  7. Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) in Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Programs: Taking Stock of Teachers' Experience
  8. Comments from the Chalkface Margins: Teachers’ Experiences with a Language Standard, Canadian Language Benchmarks

Classroom Accounts / Compte-rendus de classe

  1. Using the CLB in WorkLINC
  2. Developing a Badge System for a Community ESL Class Based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks


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